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Prospective LP Candidate for President - 2012

Favorite Organizations
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Advocates for Self Government

Education via "World Shortest Political Quiz"
CATO Institute Libertarian Think-Tank

Democratic Freedom Caucus

Political Organization focusing on Democratic Constituents

Intl. Society for Ind. Liberty

Sponsor of Flash Video - Click to Watch - Philosophy of Liberty

Libertarian Party

General Political Party

Liberty Committee

Ron Paul's Political Action Committee

On the Issues

Sponsor of Candidate Scoring Tool Using ASG Type of Grid

Republican Liberty Caucus

Political Organization focusing on Republican Constituents
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Guy McLendon, WebmasterAbout the sponsor for Liberty Coalition - Guy McLendon
Current LP Offices:  LP NatCom Region 1 Alternate, Texas ExCom District 13 and Chair Harris County LP
Previous Service:  three term veteran of the LP National Platform Committee, 2006/2008 & 2010.

Guy is a co-founder of CyberSquad web hosting company, and currently serves as General Manager of Operations. Guy is a registered engineer residing in Houston, Texas. McLendon is a Senior Member of the International Society of Automation, and serves as Automation Department lead engineer on multimillion dollar capital projects at the USA’s 4th largest refinery.


National Debt
Money Supply

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